Spring Readiness Tasks

Tasks Timeline Equipment Tools Required No. Volunteers
Add seatbelt to 1 standard seat April 20  Have belt, hardware Ratchet set, drill
Spring washing of boats. Remove shrinkwrap. polish (2 layers) April 20 Brush, sponges, cloth, wash, soap Cutter, gloves 2
Safety kit organizing, labelling, add hooks April 20     2
Dock repairs - replace 2"x2"'s,mounting brackets alignment, lower fender system by 4 inches  April 24 replacement wood Ratchet set, drill 6
Mount brackets on main dock, relocate docks, attach docks May 3     6
Office organization May 10     Eleanor
Trailer organization May 10      2
First aid kits organization May 10     Eleanor
M16's to Barrie for graphics May 10     KA/Paul/Daniel
New safety boat to Barrie for graphics May 10     KA

COMPLETED Tasks Timeline Completed Tools Required No. Volunteers
3rd wheel replacement on MFIII to replace one damaged in fall April 24 April 7 Have 3rd wheel Ratchet set 
Assemble higher KAPE seat April 24 April 7 Add belt, need 0.75in bolts Ratchet set, drill