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Suzuki Canada To Support Able Sail Toronto & Mobility Cup Events Through 2026

Suzuki Canada To Support Able Sail Toronto & Mobility Cup Events Through 2026!

June 6, 2024, Barrie, ON— Suzuki Canada is proud to announce its sponsorship of Able Sail Toronto and Mobility Cup events for the next 3 sailing seasons. Able Sail is a registered charity that is managed by – and for – people who live with disabilities, offering access to the sport of sailing using specially adapted sailboats.


David Zura,  CityNews - Season opens for accessible sailing

Aired CityNews Sunday June 2, 2024 6pm and 11pm newscasts

"A Toronto club focused on accessibility in sailing says they're growing fast and need volunteers. David Zura explains and find out how this club is helping others across Canada., Jessie Forbes, editorial and production assistant at BCS Group

Unsinkable: A sailing program that teaches you the ropes

Aired: 10/07/2023

If you’re looking to get outside and try a new sport, you might want to take a closer look at sailing—an activity that’s recognized for developing self-sufficiency, self-confidence and social connections.

640 Toronto: Toronto Weekends with Maggie John 09/02/2023
The Mobility Cup: "The Regatta of Possibility"

Today on the show Maggie is joined by Karen-Ann Xavier, Regatta Chair and the Principal Administrator of Able Sail Toronto.

They chat about The Mobility Cup, a regatta for people with physical and neurological disabilities, in which they can actively participate in the delightful past time of sailing!

CBC News - Patrick Swadden: Sailors with disabilities compete in Canada's 2023 Mobility Cup. 08/29/2023

Competitors use Martin-16 vessels, which feature an adapted joystick tiller to help them steer, and electronic buttons that multiply hand strength for better control of the sails. Organizers say the Mobility Cup is called the "regatta of possibility,” which challenges various barriers in the spirit of friendly competition.

CBC News - Patrick Swadden: 'It's freeing': Sailors with disabilities come from across Canada to compete in 2023 Mobility Cup.
Sailors from across Canada have come to Toronto for the Mobility Cup, a regatta for people with physical and neurological disabilities. Adaptive boats allow people with ALS, Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injuries and other disabilities to compete.
Linda Clarke, right, was diagnosed with ALS 12 years ago, but has continued sailing through the use of adapted boats. (Laura Pedersen/CBC) READ MORE>>
CityNews - David Zura: Mobility Cup sails into Toronto waters.
The international regatta will be underway through most of the week hosting competitors from across Canada and the United States. David Zura explains. 08/27/2023

David Zura,  CityNews - Charity hosts accessible sailing in Toronto waters

Aired CityNews Sunday June 11, 2023 6pm and 11pm newscasts

"It's an authentic freedom I don't experience anywhere else," one participant, Tracy Schmitt, known as "Unstoppable Tracy," says.

Able Sail Toronto has kicked off its 2023 season. The organization helps persons with disabilities sail independently.

David Zura,  CityNews - David Zura,  CityNews - Accessible life jackets designed and made in Ontario

July 13, 2023

A Toronto group has created accessible life jackets with the help of a Trillium grant and a Waterloo manufacturing company. David Zura explains.