Able Sail Toronto History

It all started in October 2018, when a group of us got together and talked about starting an Able Sail program for people with physical disabilities run by people with physical disabilities.

Our vision is:

  • To promote inclusion of people with disabilities in healthy, active and safe physical recreation;
  • To increase access for people with disabilities to outdoor activity;
  • To promote creation of community and social inclusion for people with disabilities.

By the end of December 2018, we registered the name, developed our mission statement, created by-laws, formed a Board of Directors and started a new program.

We applied for grant applications and promoted to businesses and individuals with enthusiasm and a whole lot of hard work. We have been overwhelmed and grateful for the generosity and support that we have received. With the funds raised in the first year, we purchased:

  • 3 new Martin 16 sailboats
  • 1 new safety boat
  • new specialized dock and ramp
  • 2 new davits
  • 2 new transfer lifts
  • 1 new assistive device "windlass" to multiply hand strength of participants 
  • 3 new assistive devices for supportive seating - "KAPE seat"
  • 1 new assistive device "transfer bench" for supporting self transfers 
  • new slings and specialized cushions

We continue to grow and expand to build inclusion and a strong community. 

We'd like to thank the following organizations and companies for their continued support:

Service CanadaBLR LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, Microsoft, KDM Enterprise - Dinghy Caddy, AccessAbilities, Room Utopia Interiors, LAR Condominium Refurbishment Specialists, Ontario SailingNational Yacht Club and the many individual donors that are the backbone of our community.

Thank you!