Our fundraising goals

We have been extremely fortunate to have been able to start our program in 2019 with three brand-new Martin 16 sailboats and a safety boat, a fabulous dock and two transfer lifts.  There are still some items on our wish list however.

Power assist system for the Martin 16s.

Approximately 70% of our sailors have partial paralysis of weakness in their arms and have difficulty steering the boat and pulling on the lines to adjust the sails.  One of the marvels of the Martin 16 is that it can be fitted with a motorized power assist system that allows the sailor to control both the steering and the sheeting using a small joystick, similar to those used in video games or on power wheelchairs.  The lines are fed through a motorized windlass & the steering is controlled with an auto-helm piston.  Sailors who are too weak to use the joystick can actually sail independently by sipping and puffing on two straws, one for the steering and the other for the sails!


Cost for system with joystick, windlass, autohelm & sip 'n puff module:   $10,900

KAPE seats

Many of our sailors have weakness in their trunk muscles and require additional support in order to sit comfortably and safely.  The KAPE seat is specifically designed with adjustable side supports and a wide Neoprene belt to secure the sailor in the seat. A headrest can be added if needed.  We would like to acquire two KAPE seats, one for adults and one for children.


Cost for one KAPE seat:  $800

Dock canopy

We need sun protection on the docks, as well as a place to protect the sailors' wheelchairs from the sun and rain when they are out on the water.

Cost:  $5,000

In addition to these equipment needs we also require operating funds for the program.  The Canada Summer Jobs grant covers most of the salaries of our paid staff however we must also finance expenses such as insurance, port-o-potty rental, gas for the safety boat, etc.  The annual membership fees and the $15 fee for a sailing outing cover only a small portion of our expenses.

Able Sail Toronto relies on the support of donors, sponsors and volunteers. Without this support we would not be able to provide this unique program to our community. We are truly grateful for every contribution - financial and personal. We truly cannot achieve our mission without all of our support. Thank you!