Able Sail Toronto is a registered non-profit organization that is run and managed by people who live with disabilities themselves. Able Sail Toronto in the process of obtaining charity status.

Able Sail Toronto is dedicated to providing people like us, living with a disability, the opportunity to enjoy sailing. We know from experience the health and social benefits that adults, youth and children with disabilities can gain from sailing. Able Sail Toronto exists to enable access to sport and healthy activities, particularly for people living on a fixed income. 

Sailing is a versatile sport that easily adapts to the needs of people with physical disabilities and it levels the playing field. Our goal is to enable a sense of independence and self-sufficiency that can truly be felt on the water. Member’s pleasure sail, race and participate in regattas and social cruises. There’s something for everyone.

Our Mission

1To relieve conditions associated with disability by providing specially adapted sail boats, sailing programs and facilities for people with various disabilities

Able Sail Toronto’s activities are designed to relieve the physical obstacles that challenge people with mobility disabilities. Too often people choose to 'do for' instead of 'do with' those challenged physically. This can result in a tendency towards passivity on the part of the person with disabilities who no longer seeks to do for oneself. Our goal is, therefore, to offer the opportunity and resources necessary for those  challenged physically to learn to sail independently. We believe that sailing, a symbol of freedom and independence and can have a positive effect on one's personal and social life.

Able Sail Toronto depends on the support of private, public and corporate donations. Funds donated are used to purchase and maintain the adapted sailboats as well as other equipment. They also allow us to subsidize the sailing program.

Who are our members?

Our members have a wide variety of physical disabilities ranging from paraplegia and quadriplegia to multiple limb amputation. Living with MS, Spina Bifida, post-polio, the effects of stroke, or artificial limbs? If you love being on the water, or are even just curious about it, we are here to make sailing possible for you.

How does it work?

We provide specially-designed boats, docks and all the specialized equipment necessary for people with limited mobility, dexterity, sensation and strength to be able to get in a boat and go sailing.