The Martin 16 sailboat. The Canadian-designed and built Martin 16 is a boat that allows children and adults with physical disabilities the possibility of leaving their wheelchair or other mobility device behind and go sailing! Even individuals with weak arms or no use of their arms can sail independently using power assist technology.

As it names suggests, the Martin 16 is 16 feet long – the size of many small sailboats. But unlike other sailboats, the Martin 16 has been specially designed to meet the needs of sailors with disabilities.

First and foremost the boat is very safe. A 300 lb. lead bulb is attached to the keel of the boat which makes it impossible to capsize (tip over). The inner hull of the boat is filled with foam flotation that makes the boat unsinkable, even if it is totally flooded.

The sailor sits in the boat in a multi-adjustable seat that can accommodate any special  postural needs. The seat is situated on the center line at the bottom of the cockpit.
Once comfortably seated, the joystick tiller (to control the steering) and lines (to control the sails) are directly at hand making it possible to sail the boat independently without needing to change position. A second seat for an instructor or companion is located behind the sailor's seat.

Optional power-assist equipment can be added to the boat to allow individuals with weak arms to sail the boat using a joystick similar to those found on power wheelchairs. And for those who cannot move their arms at all the sip ’n puff system allows them to sail the boat using their breath! Even people on respirators can sail the Martin 16 independently!

The boats can also be equipped with two-way radio communications.

The Martin 16 is the perfect boat for sailing programs for people with physical disabilities. The Martin16 is currently used in adapted sailing programs around the world for recreational sailing, learn-to-sail programs and for racing.

Every boat has a story

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