Mobility Cup 2022 will be hosted, for the first time ever, by the Northern Yacht Club in North Sydney, Nova Scotia August 29 to September 2, 2022. Registration for Mobility Cup 2022 is OPEN:

If you are planning to volunteer in North Sydney and have a tow hitch and can tow, please let Calida know.

Mobility Cup is Canada's annual regatta for sailors with a disability.  The event is open to anyone with a significant disability - regardless of their sailing experience.  Each year approximately 50 sailors compete in the Gold or Silver fleets, depending on their skill level.  The regatta takes place in a different location each year.  Over the years Mobility Cup has become an international event, drawing in competitors not only from one ocean to another within Canada but also the United States and even as far away as Europe or New Zealand.

Recognized as the "regatta of possibilities" it brings together people who may have never sailed before with seasoned veterans.