Webinar: 2023-24 Winter Weather Outlook
Wednesday, November 15 | 1 pm EST

Sponsor: Davis Intruments

Last winter brought unprecedented rain and flooding to the American West and historic freezes to the deep South. Winter weather accounted for 159 deaths and 351 injuries.

But unlike last year, we are in for an El Niño winter. What does that mean for different regions across the continent?

Register now and join us on Wednesday, November 15 for our 2023-24 Winter Weather Outlook. Presented by our AEM Meteorologists, here are just a few of the questions that they'll cover:

  • What impact will El Niño likely have on the northern polar vortex?
  • Which areas are expected to be warmer and wetter than usual?
  • Which areas will likely be cooler and drier than usual?

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