I'm doing a Polar Bear Swim to raise funds for a group that provides people living with a disability the opportunity to sail, Able Sail Toronto. We are raising funds for an assistive device that will help people with disabilities sail more independently - it costs $10,027.62. Help me help them, and we can make this happen! LETS MAKE THIS INTERESTING!! $50 If you want me in past my knees $75 Past my waist $100 Up to my neck $150 and I go completely under water (and hopefully come back up).

Jason is an avid sailor, we first met at Mississauga Sailing Club, where he had his Hobie 16. His caring and generous heart shines through, and you can see it the first time you meet.

Jason is a Sales Group Manager at HTS Engineering Ltd., HTS is the largest independent built-to-order commercial and industrial full-service HVAC distributor in North America, their industry experience spans industrial, institutional, and commercial projects of all sizes throughout the US and Canada.

** Photo taken Christmas 2019.

This is the place, Lakeshore Yacht Club, directly on Lake Ontario.

The current water temperature is 4.4°C.

We'll be doing a Facebook live stream on January 1st 12 noon EST, sign on and watch, and above all, donate!

Assistive Equipment

For sailors who need help controlling the sails: Windlass to sheet in and out the sails. The mainsheet and jibsheet are connected to a winch type system, that acts as a multiplier, increasing the strength of the sailor. With a light touch of a button, the sails can be sheeted in or out.

For sailors who need help steering because of reduced strength of the arms and hands: An Autohelm is fitted to the boat. The Autohelm has a small joystick, like a video game control, that can be used to steer the boat with very little effort; it acts as a multiplier increasing the strength of the sailor.

Integrating the windlass and the autohelm together: The module to integrate is operated with a joystick; with a light touch of the fingers left or right the sailor steers, and with a light touch up or down the sailor trims the sails on or out.

For sailors who do not have the use of the arms and hands: The boat can be even further adapted: the windlass and autohelm system can be controlled with the sailors breath using a module called “sip 'n puff”. By inhaling or exhaling gently into a straw, the sailor can move the rudder left or right, and with a second straw let the sails out or winch them in. In this way high-level quadriplegics – with no movement below the neck – can independently sail the boat. The level of freedom, independence and control experienced by these sailors is exhilarating, challenging and life-changing.

Windlass  $    3,099.00
Mk V Joystick Module (includes EV-100 Helm Drive)  $    3,110.00
Lithium battery module  $        450.00
Intelligent battery charger  $        195.00
Pelican case  $        400.00
R.C. Remote Control (wireless remote control)  $        300.00
Sip 'n Puff integration  $        750.00
Sip & Puff stalk with chest mounting plate (per person)  $        190.00
Sip & Puff stalk with chest mounting plate (per person)  $        190.00
Sip & Puff stalk with chest mounting plate (per person)  $        190.00
Sub-Total  $    8,874.00
Price with HST  $  10,027.62