Fundraising goals for 2019

Year1 has been amazing, we've felt so much support and love. We've been blessed with 3 brand new Martin16's, a fabulous dock, a Highfield safety boat, and two transfer lifts. What's on our wish list?

An accessible bathroom: this summer we operated with an accessible portopotty, that was on site during the summer. The ultimate would be a washroom where our members can get into the bathroom in a power wheelchair, and have enough room to turn around, back out, and do so with dignity.

We need sun protection on the docks, the heat can be so intense, and when it rains, being able to protect the power and manual wheelchairs.

Over 70% of our members have higher level disabilities and would benefit from accessibility modifications.

  1. A windlass is an assistive device that acts as a multiplier to enhance the strength of the sailor sheeting the main and jib sails in and out. This can be done by pressing buttons, or even better, by using a joystick where the touch of your palm can control the sails.
  2. Autohelm supports the sailor multiplying strength steering the sailboat.
  3. Sip 'n Puff is where the sailor controls the steering and the sails by sipping and puffing into two straws. One straw controls the sails and the second straw controls the steering.
  4. The KAPE seat is a custom designed seat designed to support the sailor that needs trunk control to keep them stable and supported inside the sailboat.

Able Sail Toronto relies on the support of donors, sponsors and volunteers. Without this support we would not be able to provide this unique program to our community. We are truly grateful for every contribution - financial and personal. We truly cannot achieve our mission without all of our support. Thank you!

Accessible unisex bathroom


$300,000 + HST (estimate)


2 Assistive devices

Accessible Sailing Technology

Windlass, autohelm and sip 'n puff devices.

$10,828 + HST * 2

$ 24,471.28

Dock canopy

Outfront Portable Solutions

$5000 + HST

$  5,650.00

2 davits and receptacles

Dinghy Caddy

$1548.67 *2

$  3,499.99

2 Voyager Lifts


$2970 + HST * 2

$ 6,712.20

2 KAPE Seat

KAPE Boatworks

Custom seat for sailors who require more trunk support.  The side supports are adjustable in height and width. $800 + HST each

This specialized seat is customized to the body type of the sailor. We measure the dimensions of the sailor and build the seat to fit and provide the best trunk support.

$     1,808.00