We are Hiring! 3 Positions Open for 2020

Able Sail Toronto is a not for profit organization that allows persons with disabilities to experience the joys of sailing. By using specially crafted sail boats, individuals with any amount of mobility are able to sail Lake Ontario in a safe and supported environment. Able Sail Toronto hires individuals to support the summer programming by coordinating sailing excursions and being responsible for the day-to-day operations of the program.

Our team schedule daily activities, and coordinate volunteer supports. They engage with our membership by orienting new members, volunteers and visitors, safely transferring members in and out of sailboats and ensuring the safety of all participants, disabled or otherwise. Our team maintain equipment and run all other day to day operations of the organization.

This is an opportunity for team members to work closely with the Director of the organization and other leadership to develop problem-solving, decision making and collaboration skills. The position offers opportunities for one-to-one mentoring, health and safety training, and career counseling. These positions offer the opportunity to work with physically disabled people in a non-traditional environment, using skills that are directly applicable to future professional pursuits. We provide a judgement free environment within an anti-oppressive framework.